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Triathlon Nutrition Academy


Join a global community of Triathletes with access to the BEST nutrition information to support training and smash your races.

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Private 1 on 1 Consulting

For the ultimate in accountability and support, book in for a 1 on 1 consultation with one of our Sports Dietitian's. 

We offer both in clinic and phone consults to help you no matter where you are!

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The ULTIMATE Triathlon Nutrition Checklist

Check how well you're nailing your nutrition to support training and racing with our 50 step checklist to Triathlon Nutrition Mastery.

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Who we are

Taryn is an Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 12 years experience. 

She loves breaking down the latest science in sports nutrition to help you with practical, easy to understand and implement advice – from grass root beginners, to seasoned weekend warriors right up to elite athletes.

Why a Dietitian?

Nutrition can be complicated! But that doesn’t mean you need to struggle trying to figure it out yourself.

We take a no-BS approach to teaching you what to eat and when to get the most out of your HEALTH and PERFORMANCE.

You can’t out train a bad diet. We can teach you how to eat for your level of sport or exercise, so you can focus on training and racing at your best!

Are you up for the Challenge?

Get off the yo-yo dieting bandwagon once and for all! Implement the 6 healthy habits each day to get healthy, forever

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